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White solar powered assist handle

£ 24.16 £ 16.66 Tax excluded
  • Material - Polypropylene Plastic

  • UV Stable - Yes

  • Voltage Specs (Lit Only) - 1.2V NiMh Rechargeable Battery

  • Lumens (Lit Only) - 2.5LM @ Full Charge

  • IP Ratine - IP66

  • Item Length - 13"


  • Solar Attune can provide enough illumination for way-finding and added safety on the steps without being too harsh on the eyes at night.
  • The lit Attune is designed with solar cell operated LEDs, that can provide light all night with a charge from sun. It is a great alternative to traditional wired lit handles for DIY installation and for off-grid use
  • The battery on the lit Attune (included) will charge best in full sunlight to extend the period of lit time and will partially charge in low light conditions allowing for approximately 6-8 hours of light during the night.
  • Durable, water proof moulded plastic has been tested for strength, UV fading and solar cell life. Uses a NiMH 1.2 rechargeable AA battery which can be replaced for even longer life of the handle
  • No on/off switch needed as it auto switches on at dark and off in daylight