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Redwood Table leg SET

Twist T-bolt lock base/leg mechanism for easy installation and removal
The surface mounted floor base is powder coated on each side for corrosion resistance.
The included floor base cap eliminates the void when leg is removed
Black plastic reinforced table base is comprised of glass filled nylon for superior strength
The 2" diameter legs are anodized aluminium in silver or black finish and available in 27" or 29" lengths to fit your boat or RV style

Redwood installation video

Black Finish        

(TL5000-B-15.5), (TL5000-B-25.5), (TL5000-B-27), (TL5000-B-29), (TS5020-B), (TS5003-B), (TS5021-B)


Silver Finish       

(TL5000-S-15.5), (TL5000-S-25.5), (TL5000-S-27), (TL5000-S-29), (TS5020-S), (TS5020-PS)



15.5" Long (TL5000-B-15.5), (TL5000-S-15.5), 25.5" Long (TL5000-B-25.5), (TL5000-S-25.5), 27" Long (TL5000-B-27), (TL5000-S-27), 29" Long (TL5000-B-29), (TL5000-S-29), 33" Long (TL5000-B-33), (TL5000-S-33), 7" Diameter (TS5020-B), (TS5020-PS), 5" Diameter (TS5003-B), 2.56" Diameter (TS5021-B)



Aluminum (TL5000-B-27), (TL5000-S-27), (TL5000-B-29), (TL5000-S-29), (TS5020-B), (TS5020-PS), Plastic–30% Glass Fill (TS5003-B), Plastic (TS5021-B)