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Sequoia III Table Leg Kit Service Parts

Sequoia 3 Table Connector:

  • fixes to the table top, and clips onto the table leg when installing
  • Available in Black or Silver powdercoat.

Sequoia 3 Table Legs:

  • Twist-Lock collar easily secures the leg to the floor base
  • 2" diameter leg made of anodized aluminium
  • Available in two lengths 27" and 29"

Sequoia 3 Floor Base:

  • Made of 304 grade stainless steel or cast aluminium
  • Attaches to the floor of the boat or motorhome, and receives the table leg when installing
  • "LOW PROFILE" This floor base is 12mm from the floor with the cap installed.

Sequoia 3 Floor Base Cap:

  • Plastic cap that covers the void left when the table leg is not installed
  • This is included free when ordering a set


Black (TS4000B), (TC4000B), Silver (TS4004B-P), (TR4004-P), Polished (TR4000C), (TR4001C), Anodized (TL4002C-22), (TL4002C-25.5), (TL4002C-27), (TL4002C-29)


Aluminium (TS4000B), (TS4004B-P), (TR4004B-P), (TL4002C-22), (TL4002C-25.5), (TL4002C-27), (TL4002C-29), Stainless Steel (TR4000C), (TR4001C), (TR4001C), Plastic (TC4000B)


5" Diameter (TR4000C), 7" Diameter (TR4001C) (TR4004C-P), 22.75" Long (TL4002C-22), 26.25" Long (TL4002C-25.5), 27.75" Long (TL4002C-27), 29.75" Long (TL4002C-29)