Redwood Table Leg & Base System

Redwood Table Leg & Base System Description

• Strong, stable and attractive components

• Innovative threaded lock base/leg mechanism is easy to install providing greater stability and a secure fit

• 2″ diameter anodized aluminum legs are available in 27″ and 29″ lengths

• Floor bases are surface mount, eliminating the need to recess the base into the floor

• Available in a black or silver finish

• Black plastic table base, glass filled for added strength

Part Number: TL5000-B-27, TL5000-S-27, TL5000-B-29, TL5000-S-29, TS5020-B, TS5020-S, TS5003-B, TS5021-B, TS5003B-11.5BSQP.

Additional Information

Black Finish

(TL5000-B-27), (TL5000-B-29), (TS5020-B), (TS5003-B), (TS5021-B), (TS5003B-11.5BSQP)

Silver Finish

(TL5000-S-27), (TL5000-S-29), (TS5020-S)


27″ Long (TL5000-B-27), (TL5000-S-27), 29″ Long (TL5000-B-29), (TL5000-S-29), 7″ Diameter (TS5020-B), (TS5020-S), 5″ Diameter (TS5003-B), 2.56″ Diameter (TS5021-B)


Aluminum (TL5000-B-27), (TL5000-S-27), (TL5000-B-29), (TL5000-S-29), (TS5020-B), (TS5020-S), Plastic–30% Glass Fill (TS5003-B), Plastic (TS5021-B)