Interior Shower Sets

Interior Shower Sets Description

.• Choose between our balanced valve styles from our traditional lever handle or a contemporary stem style handle

• Sprayer has 3 functions and conserves water, using only 2.2 gallons per minute

• The shower system requires one of our sprayers:

• The ergonomic hand-held shower head kit includes an       adjustable bar & integral soap dish.

• The chic and contemporary straight sprayer, with       integrated on/off switch

• Each shower kit requires a solid brass elbow (Chrome or Nickel)

• The shower kit requires one male to male fitting (99001-NIPPLE)

Additional Information


Chrome (99007-CH)(99007-CH/99041)(99008)(99008-B)(99001-ELB-6401)(99001-HANGER) Brushed Nickel (99007-NI)(99007-NI/99041)(99008-NI)(99008B-NI)(99020-NI)(99001-ELB-6401SN) Nickel: (97482-NI) Brass (99001-NIPPLE)


CSA (99007-CH), (99007-NI), (99007-NI/99041), (99008), (99008-NI), (99008-B), (99008B-NI), (99020-NI),


NPT 1/2–14 (99007-CH), (99007-NI), (99040-NI), (99008), (99008-NI), (99008-B), (99008B-NI), (99020-NI), (99001-ELB-6401), (99001-ELB-6401SN), (99001-NIPPLE)


6.75″ OD (99007-CH) (99007-NI) (99040-NI), 22″ Long (99008) (99008-NI), 2.25″ Diam x 1.5″H (99001-ELB-6401) (99001-ELB-6401SN), .75″ Diam x 2.5″L (99001-NIPPLE)