4.5” Radiance™ LED Overhead Light

4.5” Radiance™ LED Overhead Light Description

• Available in 15 or 21 LED options depending on your lighting needs. • Excellent thermal management for long 50,000 hour estimated LED Life as compared to a 2,000 estimated life of a halogen bulb. • Light output comparable to ITC’s 20W halogen. • LED Color: 3000K • Patent number 7,322,722

Part Number: 69240-12-3K (12 LED Spring Mount), 69240NS-12-3K (12 LED Screw Mount), 69240-15-3K (15 LED Spring Mount), 69240NS-15-3K (15 LED Screw Mount), 69240-21-3K (21 LED Spring Mount), 69240NS-21-3K (21 LED Screw Mount).

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